Under the Stars

For some time now we’ve been playing with the idea of taking the kids camping. This is something we had not done before, and the kids always talked about. Moreover, the recent hiking experiences raised the interest level.

So, when planning the Road Trip, we decided to give it a Gran Finale, by spending a couple nights camping in the Joshua Tree Park. And kept is a secret for the kids until the end.

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Cliffs and Rocks Galore

Despite being on opposite banks of the Canyon, there’s a very long drive between the Grand Canyon’s South and North rims.

It is a formidable drive, however, and we took the opportunity to visit some of the features along it. On our plans were the Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, the Navajo Bridge and the Vermillion Cliffs. I also found a way to slot in a 240-mile detour to visit the Monument Valley, which all agreed was well worth it.

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