The Bonus

<Edited Jul/2019: I found this post in draft format when I came back to managing the site recently. I had written it one year ago, when I was finishing moving our belongings out of Pesto. I believe I may have sent it privately to Adriana, Paulo and Raquel – but we were all in such a whirlwind of emotions then. Moreover, since all content of the site went back “live”, I think this is where this one story belongs as well. After all, every single word here is and will be forever alive>


<Written July/ 2018 in Whangarei, NZ, on my last day aboard Pesto>

Before we embarked on this Journey, and as I thought of it, what came to imagination were pristine anchorages, epic offshore passages, adventure.

It all happened.

And then, there was something else …

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