Eureka !

Catchy name, isn’t it?

And it isn’t this post’s merit. It’s the name of the city where we have been for this past week (well, without the exclamation point). In fact the name is so catchy that there is a staggering 17 (yep, seventeen) Eurekas in the US. The one we stopped, in California, is unique in a few aspects:

– the entire city is a State Historic Landmark, and has a number of well maintained Victorian homes from the 19th century

– there’s evidence that <this> Eureka is the equivalent in the real world to the fictional city of Duckburg (“Patopolis” in Portuguese)

– it is the largest city in the US named Eureka

Despite these attributes, and the fact that we stayed here from Monday to Saturday, we didn’t set a foot on the city and didn’t see  any of it. Continue reading “Eureka !”

Crescent City

Crescent City is a small town in California, just a few miles south the border with Oregon. We stayed 10 days there for choice and circumstance.

At a first glance, the city didn’t seem to have much to offer. But at the end of our stay, we had accomplished a lot. From there we visited the Redwood National Park, with its incredible 300ft tall trees. We also drove back to Oregon to go down under, visiting one of the few marble caves in the US. As small as it is, the city has a huge Wal Mart store, which Adriana and Raquel visited twice to restock Pesto’s fridge, freezer and pantry. The long stay, coupled with some rainy days, allowed us to press on with homeschooling as well.

The fact that they have a brand new, well fitted marina just added to the comfort factor and may have encouraged us to stay a little longer while waiting for a large swell to subside outside of the breakwater.

I will let the pictures below tell the rest of the story.

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