Kids …

I had to check a few things at the Marina Office, which is at the opposite end of the basin. It’s a good 1/2 mile walk, back and forth.

The day was beautiful outside, so I invited the kids to go with me – to which they immediately opposed.

I suggested they go with their skateboards, but still faced opposition.

So I played a trick on them. Or so I thought. Continue reading “Kids …”

Treat … or Trick ?

Since the start of this Journey, we have been planning to be at a halloween-friendly place for the kids.

Indeed, Raquel has been on Halloween frenzy for some time … last week she already had Pesto decorated for the event.

Both kids had cool new costumes for tonight.

And Adriana researched the best places to enjoy halloween in San Francisco.

Then, bad weather reared up it’s ugly head … as we woke up this morning, all we could think was whether this halloween would be a treat, or a trick.

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