Second Road Trip in New Zealand

After moving our belongings from Pesto, having her out of the water and ready for maintenance work, and letting my emotions out , I flew to Christchurch to meet Adriana et al, who were on the way for our second road trip of the South Island. My sister-in-law had just arrived with her daughter, and joined us this time ’round. From Christchurch, we took a clockwise route, circling the lower portion of the South Island, all the way back to Christchurch, in about two weeks. Since I am putting this post together way after the fact (one year, to be exact) I will refrain from writing much, and will let the pictures do the job for me. They do hold the vibes of the moments anyway. From Christchurch we went to Oamaru so that Adriana and Roberta could check out the penguins (no photos allowed). From there, we went to Dunedin, where we stopped to visit an Albatross refuge: Next, we drove to the far south, to the Chaslands, on the eastern coast of the island: No angry Sea Lions this time, but a great day to play with the camera: A couple days later Alfredo took us on a long drive across the island, near the mountainous West Coast: New Zealand is such an awesome place … you can start a day’s drive along a lake like this … … stop for a quick hike amidst lush forrest … … then cross a desert like this one … … treat your palate to THIS !!! … … and arrive to a glacial lake, like this one … Our trip culminated at the Aoraki / Mount Cook park (pun intended): We were lucky that winter (2018), which was being drier than normal, and took advantage to explore the area. This hike was outstanding: In less than an hour of hiking from the hotel we could access this glacial lake: Back at the hotel, we were treated to this sunset. This photo is unedited, and taken with an iPhone. So, imagine what it was to presence the real thing !!! That was our last night of the road trip. And in some ways, the very last night of our leisure-traveling time (aka “the Journey“). So, I took that sunset, it’s quietness and all its colors, as the “universe’s” farewell gift to us. Next morning we drove to Christchurch. Roberta and Luiza flew back to Brazil, and we drove back in haste to Auckland. We had less than a week left to sell Alfredo, hurry to Whangarei, pack all our belongings in boxes, have them shipped to the US, and catch our flights home too.


“Home” … a concept which was changing with us at the same time. But that is the subject of another story.

If you happen to have read this, a HUGE THANK FOR for STILL following us on this Journey !!!!