Before we carry on with our stories of New Zealand, it’s imperative we introduce our faithful readers to Alfredo, the newest member of the FamilyGoneSailing family:

We acquired him a mere couple of days after our arrival, while still in Auckland.

Being roughly a contemporary to Paulo and Raquel, he is not exactly in show-room trim, but stands proudly on his feet, err, wheels. More importantly, he is spacious, and the lateral sliding doors are very practical.

Perhaps the only caveat is that, being an import from Japan, some times we get quite lost in translation …

But we love him anyway !

Alfredo will not only be a tremendous support as we perform the annual maintenance projects on Pesto but – more importantly – he will take us on road trips around New Zealand, arguably one of the best ways of visiting this beautiful country.

In fact, he already has: over the last month we have covered just over 5,000 Km with him !!!

Stay tuned, because there’s a lot of this comin’ :