Happy New Year !!!

What a year, WHAT A YEAR !!!

Here’s wishing you all a 2018 full with good health, peace, love and fulfillment, lots of it !!!

Fair Winds, 


(… and THANK YOU for following us on this Journey !!!)

5 Replies to “Happy New Year !!!”

  1. Happy New Year to all of as well from frozen Maine. Hope you are spending winter in the southern hemisphere. ..jack frake and marie hruby-frake

  2. Hi Jack and Marie – yes, luckily we are. Quite far away from our beloved Pesto, but still South of the Equator, which has kept us warm (a bit too warm, in fact). Happy 2018 to you !!!

  3. Thanks and same from us. We’ll also be in the Pacific from spring onwards (my N Hemisphere counting). All the very best from Marco & Laura & Ngahue IV

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