Sawa-i-Lau, WOW !

Just as we thought we’d seen it all already …

Sawa-i-Lau island, with its towering limestone walls and green fringing reef

This is not the first time we cruise the Yasawa Islands on the western side of Fiji. But never had we been beyond the Blue Lagoon, about two thirds of the way up along the chain. And the best seems to have been saved for last.

See Adriana back there? She’s saying “Wow”

Next from the Blue Lagoon going North is a protected anchorage formed by three islands (again!). Looking somewhat similar to the Blue Lagoon on the map, and being a tourist attraction due to some limestone caves, I didn’t expect much of the place. So, as we rounded the corner at the entrance to the bay it was “Wow”, and then more “Wow”, “Wow” and “Wow”. Turquoise waters, fringed by green coral reef, mushroom limestone rocks, and the towering Sawa-i-Lau island to the East. Nested between Sawa-i-Lau and Yasawa, a small inlet framed by limestone formations on both sides.

Our friends and sv Enough arriving at the anchorage

Other than the “Wows”, the thought that came to mind was “… and to think we had seen it all“.

Limestone rock, at the entrance of an inlet
Inside the inlet, a small beach crowded with exquisite mushroom-limestone-rocks
Another limestone rock, this one on the form or a … Pokemon ?!?

Hopefully not sounding too braggy, the truth is that we have kind of gotten a bit spoilt when it comes to anchorages. From the unexpected basic beauty of Catalina Island, to the wilderness of the Sea of Cortez, the lush Marquesas, Tuamotus and their colorful atolls, and the wonderful Societies, our eyes have already been treated to some serious beauty, and any new place we visit needs to hold up to some hefty standards to extract a genuine “Wow” from at least one of us.

Yours truly and my Belle at the inlet

And that is what Sawa-i-Lau did – genuine “Wows” from ALL of us ! And like this, it secured a place way up there, together with the most beautiful places we have seen on this Journey so far. We are loving Fiji !

The kids being kids at sunset in Sawa-i-Lau

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  1. Too often, I read and see pic’s, and reflect, just how easy is it for me to visit and see the real unseen parts of these Islands as a visitor? No boat, can not drive there, not going to happen huh.
    So I am always grateful of your family posts, and now the vid’s I found!
    Thank you Alex, your long uploads with scant internet are for us a treat.

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