But … But … But …

It’s been a while since I last wrote here. In fact, except for the brief Update Post I made some weeks ago, I believe the last written story I posted here was the one about the Centipede that was found on deck. And that was in Tonga, a good two months ago !

So, what’s happening?

Well, to be fair, we have been extra busy over the last two months, as described here. But I had been as busy before and have always been able to carve out some space to update our stories and this argument doesn’t apply.

So, I started to wonder whether our events were becoming repetitive, in which case I would be lacking “new” stories to write about. But Adriana pointed out that I didn’t need much of an event to have a new story to add to the Tuamotus Diaries last year (even Biscuits became story stars at some point, for God’s sake!). Point taken. And the fact is that stories ARE happening almost every day here, as in everywhere else. It is just a matter of whether they are being captured in writing or not. Another excuse busted.

Then, I do confess there are times I feel to be sort of speaking to myself at familygonesailing.com … fact is that MANY people are doing similar things in their lives, thus our stories not being anything close to special as I’d make it appear by writing about them (right now, as I write this, other six boats are sharing the anchorage here in Naviti, Fji). But then, this is pretty much what it is meant to be anyway: a personal initiative, where I write for pleasure about the things that are meaningful to me. Moreover, I do have a bunch of very attentive listeners out there, which adds a ton to the joy of capturing our stories in writing.

No excuses then – why haven’t I been writing anymore? Do I not care for familygonesailing any longer?

I do. In fact, almost every night I think that another day has passed without my updating the blog …

So, here’s the rational explanation I found for all this:
First off, last year I did indeed write A LOT of entries to the Tuamotus Diaries, and had a backlog that lasted well into 2017 to publish.
Then, also since last year I started creating short videos as a different, complementary way to cover our stories.
So, in between the backlog and the videos, I wrote less and less often. And writing – as in other activities – is something that flows better when practiced often. From “seeing” a story to writing it down and publishing it.

And this brings me to the very purpose of today’s story, which is everything but. Genuine blabberish, quintessential “me speaking to myself”, as an excuse to stretch the “writing muscles”, and getting back into the story-telling mode.

And that was spot-on time. Adriana’s orange cake just came out of the oven. The sun is also picking up and now it’s ME who is starting to bake up in the cockpit. And the tide has started to turn, leaving us just enough time to eat breakfast, lavishly cover ourselves with sunscreen, and go swim with the Manta Rays at the pass.

It’s the perfect time to wrap up this story-that-wasn’t and get ready for another day full with real ones.

Have a great Sunday everyone !

4 Replies to “But … But … But …”

  1. I really miss your writing. Beside all photos and videos the words complete your journey. Don’t underestimate it. Every time when you share something I had immediately close to your trip and boat. Perhaps on day I’ll be able to do my own journey. Meanwhile Claudia and I are your close followers…

  2. Hi Edison and Claudia. It’s good to be out here again indeed. Thank You for being always so present – since the beginning ! Cheers

  3. Alex! hahahaha yes your blogs are missd but but but I don’t want to be that monkey on your back saying “come on!”
    So write when you have those creative juices within. And we like reading about all those “mundane” events! Like the issues with the boat, those biscits that baked flat lol… and the kids stories! Thing is, your family are doing now what I had dreamed of doing 25 yrs ago. My kids now have kids…. We had a ‘happy’ marriage split when kids were very young, so that stopped my cruising with kids dream, I became a weekend and holiday dad (still the best time of my life) and went cruising the black top to destinations afar camping the Sth Island of NZ where we lived.
    I subscribe to 4 blogs and 10 vlogs to enjoy evenings in my man-cave very night.
    Like many that can not do as you are, we live live live reading what you do!
    Thank you for that family.

  4. Thank You Ed. I know you are always close by, following our journey. Before we started it, I too used to follow one or two handfuls of blogs. It was my daily dedompression routine before going to sleep. Differently from you, though, I never engaged with the blog-writers as you do and, in hindsight, I should have. Thank you for being always so present. Cheers !

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