Niue Images Showcase 2

<This is the third and last post in a series covering our stay in the island nation of Niue, in the South Pacific. Click here to access the first post in the series>

This post is a continuation of the image showcase we started yesterday, covering our stay in the tiny island nation of Niue. Don’t miss the short video at the end of this post:

During our second day in Niue, we drove to the northern tip of the island
The visitor guide promised beautiful views of the open ocean. We weren’t disappointed
Here is my belle !
The outriggers of Niue are smaller and more rustic than the ones we’ve seen in French Poly and the Cooks
After all the spelunking, swimming and sightseeing, we were ready for a meal and headed back to Alofi
The place had a mini golf ….
… as well as a privileged view to the harbor where Pesto was moored
We stayed ashore until after dark. And when we came to our dinghies, this was the view at the wharf
Here’s the crew of s/v Skylark getting ready to go home. The street light was just faint, and the water is 6-meter deep at the wharf. These are seriously clear waters, folks !
The next – and last – day, we made it a point to NOT depart Niue without swimming in those crystalline waters
And here is why !

We also shot a short video while swimming and snorkeling. Hope you enjoy:

THANK YOU for following our journey !