Niue Images Showcase 1

<This is the second in a series of three posts covering our stay in the island nation of Niue, in the South Pacific>

This post complements the one we published yesterday about our short-and-yet-great stay in the tiny island nation of Niue.

Clearing in, with the friendly Customs, Health and Immigrations officials aboard Pesto
The Yacht Club has almost as many members as the entire population of Niue (c. 1,600). They provide great service to mariners, including excellent moorings at the harbor
A lush tree at the center of Niue’s capital: Alofi
And a beautiful drawing of a tree inside Niue’s Yacht Club
Alofi’s main street at mid-day on Friday. Busy.
On the second day, we rented a car to drive around the island
The first chasm we visited led to a wide cave. Pretty cool.
Opportunity for a selfie.
The next stop was “Limu Pools” – basically a pond of crystalline waters
When you see waters like these, well … you PLUNGE
Adriana and Raquel living the hard life in Limu Pools

Stay tuned for the next – and last – post on this series. Hint: we added a short video to it !

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