Rarotonga Wrap Up

Rarotonga was our first stop during our 1,200-mile transit from Tahiti, in French Polynesia, to Neiafu, in the Kingdom of Tonga, where we currently are. It took us four days to cover 600 miles of ocean in what was a high-charged passage.

Upon arrival, when I was clearing in with local officials, I mentioned we planned to stay for up to 10 days. The customs guys said it was a lot. We ended up staying 18, pinned down by the weather.

Despite the bouncy harbor, we were very pleased with our visit of Rarotonga. For starters, we were the first Cook-Islands Flagged cruising vessel to ever call it there, and were received accordingly by the MCI team. As small and remote that this Island is, we also managed to meet with a few Brazilians, with whom we made good friendships. Moreover, the island is a gem – nice people, good food, and beautiful places to visit. And when the weather kept us in the cabin, we took the opportunity to advance with homeschooling.

Well, I will let the pictures complement and wrap up this story:

Raquel enjoying a stack of nuggets for a snack
The Cooks even brew their own beer. And it stands with dignity beside their international brethren, like the Kiwi Steinlager, also quite ubiquitous here
In typical Polynesian fare, the roosters and chicken are free-range, everywhere. We found them to be particularly daring here, walking among patrons of a local restaurant
Walking along Rarotonga’s main waterfront
Being interviewed by the MCI Team
Taking the opportunity of being “overdressed” for the interview to take some selfies
Avatiu harbor at dusk. We shared it with everything, from other cruising yachts to fishing boats, touring boats, inflatable water toys, cargo ships and military vessels
The Tiare Taporo holds a place of its own in the harbor. As tired as it is, she still holds the charm of the olden days
Why make it big if you can keep it small? The impossibly cute office of Customs at the harbor
Loading up on provisions for the upcoming passage to Niue
The label peeled off, but the ketchup still goes up for sale. Nothing is wasted in these resource-stricken islands
Adriana at Muri Beach
Living the hard life in the Muri Lagoon


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  1. Alex,

    Again, your journey is amazing. Beautiful photos and very nice way to tell your family adventure to all of us. Enjoy.

  2. Just amazing. In Women’s World, they were showing all the places to see in Tahiti. Enjoy ur time.

  3. Driiii vcs estão liiindos! lugar maravilhoso! saudade gigante! fé …todo santo dia! bjim Di, Luna e Valentina!

  4. Oi Di, tao carinhoso receber as suas mensagens! Se tudo der certo fins de ano estamos ai com a familia! Enquanto isso, considerem vir visitar a gente! Iamos adorar te los por aqui… Estamos Em Tonga (da Mironga do Kabulete 🙂 agora)!!! Beijos e fe…

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