May the 4th be with you…

Hello Internet!
Paulo here, and today I’ve got some very exciting news. Today is Star Wars Day!!!!! (May the 4th … get it?  “May the force be with you” … get it?)
Today is the day for all you Star Wars… Wait… What is a Star Wars fan called? A Starfan? A Star Warsian?
Anyways, today’s the day for all you Star Warsians to show your love of the franchise!
Re-watch The movies!
Which ones are you going to watch?
Do you prefer the classic (and awesome) stories of the Original Trilogy, the bone chilling action of the Prequels, or the fresh adventure and CGI of the Force Awakens and Rogue One?
Or will you spend the day playing with your toy Millennium Falcon? And then maybe pick a friend and re-create an iconic Star Wars scene with your plastic lightsabers and yelling to your friend,”No, I am your father!“?
Maybe even play some of the star wars classic videogames, like Star wars Battlefront 2, Star wars Empire at war or Star Wars Republic Commando, you can even play Knights of the old republic! (All of these games can be found on
Anyways, I, will now present you some fresh and exciting star wars news!
1: The trailer for episode 8 came out OMG! The movie is going to be called the “Last Jedi” what do you think the title means?
 Star Wars The Last Jedi.jpg
2: Star wars Han Solo movie confirmed! We don’t yet know the title nor any details about the movie, but we do know it’s coming out in 2018.
 Han Solo depicted in promotional image for Star Wars (1977).jpg
Happy May the 4th everyone! And may the Force be ever in your favor! Get it?(Hunger games reference)