And the wait is over

Weather has finally settled in a way that is allowing us to depart.
Accordingly, yesterday we started the paperwork to do so, and with this our long stay here in French Polynesia starts to de-materialize to the Memories category.
Ahead, a multi-step voyage in which we shall cover nearly 1,500 miles within the next twenty days or so. From Tahiti we sail to Rarotonga, in the Cook Islands. From there to Niue, and then finally to Vavau, in Tonga.
What has made the planning of this voyage tricky is the fact that all intermediary stops are roadsteads, with little to protection. Thus the need for settled weather.
We depart today. Tired with the last minute prep, anxious to be breaking in back into cruising and for the long passage ahead, but glad to be cruising again !
We expect to reach Rarotonga in 5 days or so. And if technology permits, we shall publish updates underway as well.
Have a great weekend !