The things we do

Raquel asked me to write a more personal post of us, with pictures and all (I reckon my recent posts have been rather task-oriented … boat projects, weather, etc).
It was a healthy challenge which I embraced fully. Hence, the rest of this post.

There is only a small issue: we are still stuck in a marina, as widely published on this page already. Not much of a story to tell.
So, in a joint committee, we decided to write what’s been going on with each of us as we await for the right conditions to resume cruising.


RAQUEL: Hi, this is my routine while we are in the marina. I wake up from my bed craving for the yummy breakfast we have every day (baguette). Then comes my least favorite part of the day – you probably guessed by now, that’s right, homeschooling … yay ! After the suffering I usually play my piano or get creative with arts while waiting for lunch … Yum ! By that time it is already 4PM and that’s normally when my friend arrives, so we eat together and play or watch a movie afterwards. Usually when we have time I go with my mom to Carrefour (well which is basically almost every day). Then comes shower time and a snack. Some times we convince my parents to watch a movie before I go to sleep in my freezer (my bed is just under the air conditioning, and it is coooooold !).


PAULO: Hi… while we are here in the marina I’ve been playing star wars video games, and have been improving my knowledge of star wars and about space with a great learning tool called youtube. I have created a daily routine of asking at least ONCE a day for us to go to Casa Bianca (the nearest restaurant) and get a carbonara pizza, yum! I have also been thinking about this project … to set up my own Youtube channel. I would get to publish stuff about the videogames I like, their backstories, and make gameplays … would you watch it? Any suggestions?


ALEX: as the resident “chief-breakfast-officer” onboard, my days start in a quite predictable manner. From thence onwards, it’s ad hoc. I often squeeze in the odd small “project” … basically non-mission-critical stuff that I had shoved under the rug when Adri and the kids arrived. When it gets too hot outside to work, I come back in and check the weather or write posts. There has been time to play with the kids – from loose conversation about random subjects to simply blowing raspberry on their bellies just to make them laugh. Some times, at dusk, Adriana and I go out for a hand-in-hand stroll along the marina and these are the moments I cherish the most. Evenings are often spent reading and/or watching something together – either Big Bang Theory, which we have been binge-watching, or the Batman Saga, which we started watching for Paulo’s birthday. We have also been in contact with and following the progress of dear friends (sv Coastal Drifter and sv Terrapin) as they cross the “puddle of water” between Mexico and the Marquesas. We enjoy seeing them progress, reminisce our own adventure of last year, and cherish to be here, getting ready to explore what remains of this beautiful part of the world.


ADRIANA: These first weeks back into the boat (after a long 4 month hurricane season break) are a re-adaptation for me. And a bit challenging. Challenging because when we come back to the boat, I crave for the cruising mode – on anchorages, surrounded by nature and spending a good portion of the day on the water. The quietness, relaxing and spiritual connection mixed with the intensity and physicality of the boat life.
But we are not there yet. We have been on hold for the last weeks, waiting for the proper weather window to sail to the Cook Islands. And it seems this year that the hurricane season is lasting until its very last day.
In this meanwhile, we are in the marina – still connected to some “luxuries” of modern life like air conditioning, wi-fi and “plenty” of electricity available for our toys and machines. Which tends to shape our routine these days.
My days start with some time for myself before the rest of the crew is awake. I usually meditate and go for a walk early on. From when I come back, I am not anymore on my own :-). We have breakfast together (which we appreciate doing in a relaxed and not rushed way), and then I support the kids on homeschool (which I tend to have a more positive outlook than Raquel’s comments). Some days are better than others…but it is particularly hard to bring them to a routine after a few months on a more aleatory rhythm.
Usually after homeschool, I tend to prepare lunch or work in some of my small projects in the boat (eg. reorganizing our pharmacy, preparing provisioning for our trips, etc). On the afternoon I devote some time for my professional work (wrapping up projects, planning some future work or simply studying as I am participating in some formation programs). By sunset time, Alex and I tend to be done with our work – as much as possible we go watching sunset together. We then close the day watching some movies/series with the kids or reading. When I am feeling more inspired I would play either the guitar or my new Ukulele (but I wish I would do this even more often – stays as an intention for this season…. ).

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  1. Thank you, I very much enjoy reading what you all are up too.
    Missed your blogs and like you I am keen to read of your sailing to the Cooks.

  2. I love it! Very good idea, Raquel. I feel like I have spent a day with you all ? Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think this is my favorite post- it is so neat to hear each of your voices. I like the idea of Paulo’s you tube site. I think a lot of people are curious what your generation in this unique situation is doing on a daily basis and what you do with your time to create your life. (that and I think that it will keep your other boat kids friends updated and encourage them to do something similar).
    So great to see your family. We are still getting on our path of organization to get out there too! Hope to see you soon!

  4. Hello Catherine – Thank You for your comments and I will eagerly share them with Paulo, whom I have been encouraging to set up his channel. The guy has a voice and I do hope he puts it out there. Glad to hear your plan is moving forward. It takes a lot, and it is a long journey. But the rewards are plenty 🙂 Best Regards

  5. OI Gio !!!! It feels like her goal has been accomplished then 🙂 . I will pass your comment on to her. Beijos.

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