The lady don’t mind

Last time

We celebrated her birthday, well

We were in Taiohae …

In 2015, we arrived to San Jose del Cabo just in time for the celebration, arriving from a 750-mile non stop passage down the Baja California Coast.

In 2016 the story repeated itself, with us arriving in the Marquesas on the eve of her birthday! Talk about a just-in-time arrival for a 3,000 mile journey ….

This year, it was looking as though we might celebrate her birthday underway to the Cook Islands. But weather interfered and we are pinned down at the marina.

With all these uncertainties, you might think she would say something but … you’d have to wait a while.

Because the lady don’t mind. No, no, no, the lady don’t mind.

She is a salty, enthusiastic cruiser. My first mate.

And what she does is alright to me. I kinda like that style.


2 Replies to “The lady don’t mind”

  1. I am indeed Phil – Thank You !!!
    And so are you, by the way 🙂
    Congratulations on your passage and the arrival to Taiohae. Don’t miss renting a car and driving inland. Worth every cent.

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