Roller Coaster

The Tuamotus Diaries #56, Day 117 – September 22nd 2016


We are well past the hump of this year’s cruising season already, well beyond its climax. And as the end of the season approaches, our attention, decisions and actions are getting more and more oriented towards it. Short term planning.

Accordingly, I have spent the last four days enslaved by the internet. Sending inquiries and requests, awaiting for replies, and using our credit card at a disturbing rate.

Each mouse click triggers a long wait time until something shows up on screen, or more money comes out of our pockets, thus adding to the discomfort.

The kids, watching us pegged to the screens for such long periods, and tired of waiting for us to play with them outside, ended up following suit and are spending themselves long times in front of their own screens, watching videos and playing games.

The paradisiac environ around us has faded and our days have become utilitarian and materialistic.

Ugh !