Again, But Different

The Tuamotus Diaries #44, Day 85 – August 21st 2016


Adriana is gone to the US on a 20-day-or-so trip. Again.

The departure was slightly convoluted, like in Makemo. For different reasons. But … again.

It’s just the three of us and Pesto, in an atoll. Again.

But this time it’s different.

We know the drill.

We are slightly more familiarized with the weather.

We have already scouted the safe places of Fakarava, and laid our “snail trail” in the chart plotter to reach them safely.

We know already how it is to be by ourselves in a quiet anchorage for a while.

So, there’s less of the mystery we had when she travelled the first time.

And, perhaps because of this, her departure was felt more this time. At least for me.

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