Rush Hour

The Tuamotus Diaries #40, Day 77 – August 13th 2016

The shark scene is quite intense near Fakarava’s South pass. For the time we were there, there would be always a number of them swimming under and around Pesto. It wasn’t threatening and we even swam with them a number of times. And we loved having their company. Follows an extract of an email I exchanged with a friend about the experience:

Near the South pass, the water is super transparent due to the constant flushing by the purest outside water. There, the shark abound and crop under our boats. While there, we had a permanent community of at least 5 sharks constantly swimming just under the surface around us, and the number would quickly triple if we threw something in the water. Funny enough, they didn’t seem to eat what we offered. They would come close, sniff it out, and then let the smaller fish and remora snap the goodies from them. I told Adriana, my theory is that they are there just to spot which fish are eating the most, thus marking it for their evening snack later in the evening …