On a Perfect Day

The Tuamotus Diaries #37, Day 71 – August 7th 2016


After Raquel’s birthday, we sailed back to Fakarava’s village, and dropped anchor right in front of the Fakarava Yacht Service’s office, which couldn’t be any more convenient. In addition to providing the right amenities to cruisers (from Laundry to Cooking Gas, Free Internet, Tide Information, Expresso Coffee and even Eggs !), they also rent bikes. Even better, they are open on Sundays ! We seized the opportunity to give some time off to our Watermaker/ Washer and took a large load of laundry to them. With time now to spare, we sipped an Expresso while checking some internet, and then rented four bikes.

Bike riding is something we don’t do much on the cruising life, so we took the opportunity in earnest. To be fair, there are certainly better ways to enjoy an Atoll – our home being one of them, by the way – but still, biking is a great way to see more of the locals’ life, and exercise our knees. So off we went.










After riding for a few hours we were ready for some comfy chairs, refreshments and a good meal. And for that the amenities of a nearby hotel fit like a glove. There we spent the rest of the afternoon, enjoying the vistas of the picture-perfect white sandy beach, with Pesto gently floating on Fakarava’s inner water on the background.





Even with our wallet noticeably lighter at the end of the day, we all agreed it has been a great one of enjoyment together.