The Tuamotus Diaries #29, Day 62 – July 29th 2016


It’s Friday morning, homeschool is over, lunch is already halfway done at the galley. The day has been alternating between quick spells of sun followed by rainy squalls. It’s mostly windy and a bit bumpy. From the portholes, we look at the beach – the beach where we have spent many a great hour – and feel like going there one last time. But with this wind, and the corresponding waves, the dinghy ride would be SO wet. We’ve run a bit lazy about it.

It’s a funny feeling. To be here, and at the same time feel that we are not anymore. I mean, we ARE still here, in Punakura, Makemo. But our minds have already departed. We are just waiting for a cold front to pass over us to leave towards our next destination: Fakarava.

Not that we ran tired of Makemo – I think we could spend the entire rest of this cruising season here and be utterly happy. But there are more places to visit. We must go on.

But, for now, the Front is playing it’s thing, and it’s windy, wet, and wavy. So, we wait. There isn’t much to do. I thought of reading, but then resorted to writing this post instead. And there, a few hundred meters away, the rim of Makemo, the palm tress and the pristine beach which I will remember sweetly forever.


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