Fast Forward – ing

Ok, it just downed on me … it’s already the middle of October, and we still have SO MUCH to publish covering the time we spent in the Tuamotus. It’s a whole lot of Tuamotus Diaries !

We will have to speed things up then. Instead of publishing two posts per week, we will issue THREE posts per week. Every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

I realize it’s a lot of content, but I REALLY wanted to be able to share it all here. Please leave a comment or send me a message if you think the frequency of posting 3x/week is too much to follow.

And while we are at this, I just wanted to remember a feature by which you can receive automatic updates overtime a new post is published. This is NOT spam. It’s just an automated email that WordPress sends with the link to the post, as soon as it is published. Interested? Read on:


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