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With last Wednesday’s post we have completed the stories from our time in the archipelago of the Marquesas – our place of landfall here in French Polynesia.

We will now start publishing our stories from the Tuamotus. We left Hanavave, in the Marquesas, at the end of June headed to the atoll of Hao in the Tuamotus. But we faced very bad weather and had to divert to another atoll – Makemo. There, we ended up spending just over two months – most of it anchored off a paradisiac, deserted beach.

There I started capturing posts on a more frugal way, according to the thoughts that I had im mind on that specific day. These posts have been organized in the form of a diary, The Tuamotus Diaries.

Next Sunday we start publishing the backlog of the Tuamotus Diaries, picking up from when we left, taking you back to Makemo. We had a LOVELY time there, and hope you will share in this joy.

THANK YOU for following us along this Journey !!!

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  1. Vamos la, , os relatos estao muito. lindos!!! Estamos acompanhando tudo!!

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