Worth Hoping For

Well, it turns out that Fakarava WAS supposed to be the place where I could find decent internet and start uploading our backlog of posts !!!

A few days ago, we discovered we had dropped anchor right in front of a very neat local business that caters to cruisers – the Fakarava Yacht Services team. They kindly let us use their faster internet, among other services provided to us 🙂

So, back into posting mode. But, first, a little background.

We are currently in the Tuamotu archipelago, in the atoll of Fakarava to be specific. But I will start publishing our posts in chronological order, meaning that we will take a detour back to our times in the Marquesas – the archipelago where we made landfall here in French Polynesia.

If you are new to our story, you will find more background on how we reached French Polynesia coming from Mexico here.

And, while in the Marquesas, we published the following stories:

The first of our backlogged posts publishes tomorrow, Wednesday. The next one comes on Saturday and so on. There will be four posts covering the rest of our time in the Marquesas.

We are very happy to be on air again. And hope you enjoy the stories.

THANK YOU for joining us on our Journey !

7 Replies to “Worth Hoping For”

  1. Felizes estamos nos por termos vcs de volta!!! Sejam Benvindo!!! Aguardaremos com ansiedade os posts

  2. We are in the process of applying for our long stay visa. Going to Toronto on Sep 8 for interview wish us luck. We might even have an additional crew member to help us. So excited. So looking forward to experience what you are writing about. Stay well.

  3. That’s very exciting ! Keep us posted (including news on the mysterious add’l crew member). Good Luck !!!

  4. Alexandre, que bom saber mais coisas de sua jornada. Estávamos ansiosos por ter mais notícias de sua jornada.

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