Not Meant to Be


NOT MEANT TO BE (written July 16th 2016, anchored just off the village in Makemo)

The weather was fair and we left our lovely protected anchorage on the NW of Makemo back to the village. We were lured by the promise of some internet and fresh provisions. Besides, the weather was fair, supporting the enterprise. More than anything, though, Adriana was due to arrive on Sunday (tomorrow) after more than 40 days away.

After a couple of nasty previous events at the village, this visit – the third since we arrived to Makemo – was coming up to be a success. The anchorage was calm, we got fresh stuff – even Oranges and Eggs – and were able to access internet at the super slow, and only, spot available at the island’s post office. With it, I tried to troubleshoot the problem that has been preventing us to post on the blog via satellite connection.

But the success turned out to be short-lived, it seems.
The blog server started publishing the same post a number of times.
Worse, we learned that Adriana will NOT arrive tomorrow anymore, her bags having been lost somewhere in the US, having her stay over to retrieve them. Oh well.

The winds are expected to pickup tomorrow, but it is still sunny and calm. Just a few minutes ago, I decided that we will raise anchor today, and head back to our well-known, comfy protection of Punakura while it is still safe to do so.

Again, our stint at the village was not meant to be.

Pesto Out.

2 Replies to “Not Meant to Be”

  1. Alex you are in cruise mode, remember…… I wish I was…. here in the big rigged construction industry we toil on broke, stressed, work to home, home to work, work to home, home to work, you get the story.

  2. Thank You for helping me put it in perspective, Ed.
    And I hope you won’t mind me saying that I don’t miss any of that …
    Best Regards

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