New Wave


Aaaaand we are posting again! The link between our satellite phone and the blog has been restored and we can finally resume posting about our experiences here in the Tuamotus. And we have a lot to catch up – the link might have been broken, but I kept on writing!
We will go back just over a month. It was a few days after Adriana had left. We returned to the safety of our deserted anchorage just as the wind started to pick up again. This post is about a bouncy day we spent there. It was not the windiest one – we had quite worse a couple weeks afterwards – but it was disproportionately wavy, caused by an interesting chain or events. I hope you enjoy reading it. Have a great Saturday !

*** Post written Saturday, June 11th 2016, anchored in Punakura, Makemo Atoll ***

If you are more or less of the same generation that I am, then you are probably familiar to the cartoon “Tom & Jerry”.
If you are familiar to “Tom & Jerry” and has watched it enough, you have probably seen Tom’s crazy inventions to try to trap Jerry: the switch that activates a fan, which propels a small sail boat across a bathtub, which pokes a pool ball that rolls down a half-pipe, which falls on a basket, which then hits another switch and activates a lighter, which burns a rope and lets an axe fall … and so on … a crazy sequence of unrelated events that will eventually flick a stick and let the trap fall over Jerry <missing text – to be updated soon …>