Is it working ?

Today I managed to get a little bit of internet. It was super slow (it took the equivalent of 3 songs on the post office’s clerk’s radio just to open a plain page, like By the time I was done I’d heard all of that radio station’s song selection). But it was still internet.
I tried to troubleshoot the blog, in hopes to gain access to the remote posting functionality that I had before.
A couple of trials using the super-slow internet seemed to have worked. But THIS is when the rubber hits the road. If this post here appears on the blog, then we will be back to Familygonesailing-ing. Ain’t that cool ???

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  1. Do you need a reply that it’s working? Seems to be working. Which i (for one) would like since i very much enjoy following your adventures…on your blog instead of facebook (since i am not on facebook). Thank you for your patience and efforts with your blog. Happy sails,

  2. Thank You, Ed !!!
    I have a lot to share. Today we came to the Post Office of Fakarava in hopes I would get enough bandwidth to upload some of my posts (HAHAHAHAHAHAH). Not only is the office closed, but the bandwidth is again of the mid-90’s, dial-up times standard … so I am sitting here, by the curbside in front of the closed Post Office store, using the little hotspot there is to reply to the messages on the blog – pretty much the only thing I can do for now.
    Thank You for being close to us along this journey – it means a lot.

  3. Howdy Jon – great to hear from you, as always.
    I am sitting here by the curbside in front of Fakarava’s post office, looking with sadness at the blog’s dwindling stats as a result of the lack of posting … anyway, we can’t have it all, can we?
    The cup-half-full part of this story is that when I DO get bandwidth I will have A LOT to share.
    Best Regards

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