It didn’t howl on the rigging as it did before, and Pesto didn’t yank against the anchor’s chain like a wild horse. The wind finally receded a bit – just a bit, but enough – and veered to the East, thus coming behind the Atoll’s rim, which can finally now give us some shelter. It was a welcome respite after so many days of being lambasted. Far too many.
It was timely as well, for today is an emotionally charged one for us, one that we wouldn’t want to contend with howling winds, wavy anchorages, chains wrapped around corals and snapped snubber lines.
This morning I left Adriana on land, where she got in a car to start a long way back in what she calls “the re-entering”. In an hour, we will lift anchor and motor 15 miles toward the safe and deserted anchorage of Punakura, whereas she will take three flights, travel thousands of miles across many time zones, and land on a bustling urban center. It isn’t the first time she travels, but it is the first we will stay in an anchorage. It may also be the longest. And our bond has grown even stronger after all the real adventures we’ve been through over the last many, many months. It ain’t easy.
To complement the scenario, today our dear friends of sv Enough are also leaving the safety of Makemo toward new destinations. From now on, our routes take different ways and the distance between us will only grow along the year. We wish them Farewell, Safe Travels and Fair Winds with hopes of a “maybe next year” reunion in some other paradise on this side of the world.

Mind you, we are glad.
Glad that the wind has given us a breather, for as short as it lasts.
Glad that Adriana made it. This trip means a lot to her and we had to fight really hard for her to not lose it.
Glad for Enough, for we know they are off to some fantastic cruising out there.
And looking forward to the time we will spend together, the three of us, on this little, fantastic piece of paradise that we are.
But for now, we have this big void and silence to adjust to …

Have a great Sunday !

2 Replies to “Emptiness”

  1. Adrianna you look fabulous! Paulo looks tired. I hope you will all make the best of the time you all have together. All the best to Enough, may they find many adventures and precious moments to cherish. We are off to Coronados tomorrow to conquer the Volcano!

  2. It felt like a long, long time when she departed. It was a long time while she was away, but we each made the best out of it. Now that she is back and we have already moved on to another place, those 50+ days already feel like a glimpse of time, stored on some special place in our memories. Best Regards! (PS – I agree, she did look Fab on that pic. Should have seen her when she came back 😉

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