The Unbearable Lightness of Signal


There is only one place on this entire bay where Adriana could find two bars of cellular signal for her phone, and this place was perched behind the staysail, on Pesto’s bow. There she spent long, anxiety-filled hours threading across broken phone calls with Expedia’s call center.

That’s what happens when long-planned international travel clashes with a sudden, unforeseen stationary frontal system which clobbered us in the middle of the South Pacific and forced us to seek shelter on this uninhabited bay inside the wonderful atoll of Makemo – our first (and unplanned) stop in the archipelago of the Tuamotus Islands.
We will be forever grateful to Joao who took another rabbit out of his hat – in this case in the form of a flight from Makemo’s airstrip to Papeete, from where Adriana will finally be able to connect to a long chain of flights to where she needs to be next week.

But even with all this ordeal, it’s all well worth it. More to come. Stay tuned.