Just a quick update

imageWe have been quiet here on Familygonesailing, and for no other reason than we’ve been doing some serious cruising! (oh, another detail: we haven’t had ANY internet access along the way).

There’s SO MUCH to update, so many stories to tell and images to share. I just need some time to write them all down, and have some decent internet access to upload it.

On the meantime, I have programmed the server to publish the last update from our stay in the island of Nuku Hiva. It “airs” on Friday – stay tuned.

We departed Nuku Hiva almost 10 days ago, and after a failed attempt to visit the island of Ua Pou and a hard overnight passage against the Southern Trade Winds, we finally made landfall on the island of Tahuata, droping anchor on the jaw-droping beach of Hanamoenoa, where we found ourselves in an incredibly intense social agenda in paradise. But these will be subjects of other stories.

As I write this, we are at the only cyber-cafe in the small town of Atuona, Hiva Oa island. We came here to do some banking and other cyber-chores, in addition to stocking Pesto up again. Our cruise in the Marquesas is coming to an end, and we shall soon be leaving to the next – and probably most expected – stop: the wonderful atols of the Tuamotus archipelago. But these are stories yet to be made (as you can see, I have been craving blogging).

Ok, I will leave it here for the kids are already getting bored, and the next “magazin” is about to reopen after the noon siesta time.

Thank You for following our stories!

Have a great 2nd half of the week.

4 Replies to “Just a quick update”

  1. Que bom receber noticias, o pai ja tava estreando.Felizes ao saber q vcs estao. bem bj mae

  2. Can’t wait for Friday! We miss you guys. We are in La Paz freezing our buts off. This morning it was 16*c in the cockpit! We are off to warmer places in a couple of days hugs.

  3. Aqui esta tudo ótimo. Mas quase não temos acesso a telefone ou internet … (não sei se eh ruim ou bom)

  4. uufh … we can’t hardly remember how it feels with temperatures below 30C. Some anchorages here are windy, and then it feels good. But others are wrapped by high, lush mountains which block the wind and a damp, oppressive atmosphere settles. Enjoy the warm and breeze SoC !!!!

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