Weekend Getaway

Last Saturday we were in Taiohae and the bay got quite rolly. Besides, it was the weekend, and we wouldn’t be able to advance our visa application significantly. Moreover, we needed an excuse to get out of the harbor to desalinate water.

Our tank was nearly empty, and we ran the water maker for over three hours, floating just one mile away from Nuku Hiva’s coast. From there, we got a privileged view of the coastline’s features:


By mid afternoon, with our tanks finally full with fresh water, we made our way to Hooumi Bay, an indentation inside the larger harbour known as Controlleur’s Bay, just a few miles to the East of Taiohae:


Upon arrival, we appreciated the soft textures of the grass fields around this beautiful bay:


As beautiful as it is, and despite it being a weekend, sv Enough and sv Pesto had this gem of an anchorage just to ourselves:


I took the opportunity to inflate our paddle boards, which had been rolled up on deck since our departure from Mexico. Fun Time was declared !


Here, Geoff (sv Enough) follows the kids’ acrobatic evolutions closely from his lovely rowing dinghy:


And, like this, we spent a great couple of days together. There was a kids’ sleepover aboard sv Pesto, a delicious dinner aboard sv Enough, many hours spent in the water, and some more playing board games. On Monday afternoon, after completing homeschooling, we raised anchor on a rainy day and steamed back to Taiohae, to hopefully complete our paperwork and also ferry dozens of jugs from the fuel station to fill our diesel tanks and get ready for some more cruising. It’s getting time to visit the other islands of the Marquesas.

3 Replies to “Weekend Getaway”

  1. Super. final de semana hein?! As crianças aproveitando mto esse lugar tao lindo!! Que bom ter notícias. de. vcs! bj mãe

  2. What beautiful pictures. The kids look like they are having a blast. We have had to duck into San Jose for a repair that left us floating and drifting for a couple of days in the Sea. Yesterday Phil had to repair the alternator, and today we are off to Los Frailles, hopefully much calmer that last year. Wishing both you and SV Enough all the best. Looking forward to your upcoming posts. Happy Mothers Day Adrianna.

  3. aaaah the joy of constant boat fixing in paradise 🙂
    Congrats to Phil for sorting it out !
    We have such fond memories of Los Frailes, despite all the rock & Roll
    Enjoy Baja guys !

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