WHEN: Saturday April 16th 1335Local (Marquesas) / 1905EST / 2005BRZ / 2305UTC

WHERE: 08:55S 140:06W – Tahioae Bay, Nuku Hiva, The Marquesas

MILEAGE: 3,111 miles since La Cruz, MX (sailed)

We have arrived !
It took us 19 days, 8 hours and 5 minutes to cover 3,111 nautical miles, with at least 10 days battling light winds and vicious squalls.
It wasn’t easy.
But it was a highly successful passage.
One might think that we had a surge of emotions at the first sight of land, an explosion of senses as we approached the lush island of Nuku Hiva, and the ground moved under our feet as we came ashore for the first time. At least, this is what I expected.
None of these happened.
In fact, our arrival felt almost “trivial”. As we entered Tahiohae Bay, it was almost as if we were returning from a weekend trip. We talked about it, and our belief is that we were all so focused on this passage, on taking care of Pesto and ourselves, that our minds are adjusting and taking in the new environment’s stimuli gradually.
The one feeling that we are all sharing, is one of Pride. Never before have I felt so proud of something I’ve accomplished. That’s a bold statement, and it’s true. And Adriana, Paulo and Raquel are all having similar feelings.
This will be the last post of the Passage Daily Updates, as we are wrapping up this (major) step of our Journey.
And when one chapter ends, another one starts. As I write this, I am surrounded by the most lush ground I may have been to. The terrain is impossibly steep, looking indeed like the Jurassic Park or King Kong islands. People speak a lovely language of which we can’t understand a thing. Chicken, dogs and horses roam free on the (few) streets there are. It’s a new world for us. One that we worked hard to get to.
But this is already the subject of other stories.
Thank You so much for following us along this voyage. And a special, heartfelt THANK YOU for all those who shared messages with us, before and during the trip. I have been trying to find words to describe our appreciation of these messages, unsuccessfully. We were overwhelmed by the amount of love, wisdom and care that were put into them.
Have a great Sunday.
Pesto Out.


  1. Happy birthday Adrianna! You and your family are a great source of inspiration ….amazing journey:)
    Hope to see you in July

  2. Corajosa e destemida tripulação, parabéns pela conquista e por permitir que façamos parte das emoções que compartilharam durante esta etapa de sua jornada. Fica agora a expectativa de ver mais fotos de sua passagem, daqueles pássaros no convés, do por do sol, da vida interna a bordo. Desfrutem o destino. Edison e Claudia

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