WHEN: Wednesday April 6th 2100Local / 2200EST / 2300BRZ / 0200UTC

WHERE: 06:281N 126:10W

MILEAGE: 1,573 miles since La Cruz (sailed), 1,246 miles to Nuku Hiva (straight line)

Happy Hump Day!
It’s Wednesday, the middle of the week.
It’s also the middle of our voyage. We are in the middle of nowhere.
The Americas are now over 1,500 miles astern. The Marquesas are almost 1,300 ahead. Hawaii, to our right, is over 1,900 miles away. And the Galapagos, to our left, lie almost 2,200 miles far.
We had great sailing all day long today, and yesterday was a nice starry night. This evening, however, the weather came with a vengeance, and we have dodged 3 squalls already. Sails deeply reefed, cockpit soaked, foul weather gear on.
That’s the spirit !
All is ok on board. Pesto and crew doing pretty well (I only need a few hours of decent sleep back !!!)
Pesto out.


  1. Ate estrelas no céu acompanhado vcs chuva tb faz parte,depois haverá tempo pra arrumar tudo!!! Tripulação. valente essa! ! bj pra todos. mae

  2. Hi all. According to some reading I have been doing, there seems to be more squally activity than usual. Your blogs gives that creadance. Hoping you get out of the squally area quickly using those winds to propell yourselves forward. We are kinda stuck in La Cruz for a week as we wait on Snrs Chava and Mike to complete some work on #CoastalDrifter. Oh well there’s worse places to get stuck!

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