We are returning.
Yes, you didn’t read it wrong.
As you read this, we are on our way back to La Cruz, motoring against the wind and waves that were providing such splendid sailing to us.
We had a hydraulic fitting failure yesterday late afternoon. The part itself is impossible to fix onboard, and I couldn’t replace it either. We looked on the chart, and were close enough to shore. The decision was mechanic. And we turned Pesto’s bow back.
As the hours go by, the feeling of frustration is now sinking in. Not a raging one. But we felt so ready, and the sailing was so great …
Anyway we are all firmly intent on fixing the damn thing and getting back to sea as soon as possible. And that’s why we chose La Cruz. Even though the slug back there is significantly longer than simply returning to Barra de Navidad, the resources available in La Cruz are far better. And we know the folks at the shipyard. We shall arrive there by Monday early morning.
So, it will now boil down to two factors: how quickly we can effect the repair and whether there will still be a weather window by then.
I will keep you posted.
Not the kind of post I wanted to be writing.
But I will.
Pesto out.

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