Gone Sailin’, but not Out of Touch …

We are untying the dock lines just now, and wanted to post here a few housekeeping notes:

  • We will be able to post short updates while underway to French Polynesia
  • These updates will be posted on the blog, and the link to the post will appear on Facebook (Familygonesailing’s page and our personal ones as well)
  • However, we will NOT be able to see or manage the blog or Facebook (in other words, we will not receive or read any messages/replies posted to us there)
  • But if you would like to send a comment or message to us in the middle of the ocean, there is actually a way. It’s free and easy! Check it here
  • In addition to posts, we will also update our position on the interactive map. Remember to check it from time to time.

Follow us along this passage !!!

Better yet, interact with us while we are underway !!!