Are we ready? Almost

Have we lost a departure opportunity? Nope

Will the weather enable for a departure soon? Maybe in two days

We still have a few items pending on the to-do list, and if we press hard enough tomorrow (Wednesday) we will then be ready to go. Pesto is fully loaded with all the provisioning we could fit in her. We are halfway checked out of the country. And I think we are ready to go as well – emotionally, I mean.

So, after tomorrow, it will be up to the weather.

As the image below shows, we need some wind to propel us along the 500-700 mile gap that currently exists between the coast and the eastern edge of the Trade Winds. Once we get there, we will be on a 7-10 day sleigh ride toward the equator. But before that happens, there are those 500-700 miles on the way. And winds have been very light and variable.



The forecast continues to suggest there may be some winds on Thursday and Friday for us to start moving toward the Trade Winds. And so we wait now.

Each new forecast will bring a higher-probability scenario for Thursday.

As of now, we are doing everything as if we were to leave on Thursday. Let’s see.

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  1. Estamos concentrados em rogar as melhores bênçãos do Universo a todos voces nesta travessia. Vamos juntos!!!

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