“T” minus Three

DATE: March 12th, 2016, 2230 Local Time/ 0030 EST / 0130 BRZ

LOCATION: Barra de Navidad, MX (19:12N 104:41W)

CONDITIONS: Bright sunny and very warm.

WEATHER OUTLOOK: Ok, a breath of fresh air on this subject (pun intended). According to the latest model run, there may be some breeze blowing sufficiently close to shore next Thursday. It’s predicted to be light wind – only 6 knots – but from a good direction, which would enable us to do some decent speed. It wouldn’t be a bad way to start this passage in fact – sufficient wind to take us under sail, but light enough to allow for a smooth transition into “passage mode” for the first couple of days. It’s light in the end of the tunnel (there was another pun right there, did you notice?).

HIGHLIGHTS: We started provisioning today. While Adriana went shopping in Manzanillo I stayed onboard to find out more space to stow everything. It took me over 4 hours lifting floor boards, shifting stuff around and “optimizing” space usage, but in the end I managed to open up 2 additional large storage spaces (and by the end of the day they were almost full again). We still have to buy the mid-long term fresh food (mainly stuff that will be frozen), which will be tomorrow. We will try to get almost all of the heavy stuff done until Tuesday, leaving some smaller last-minute-jobs for Wednesday, in case the Thursday window materializes.

MOOD ONBOARD: The day was so physically intense that even the news of a possible weather window didn’t affect our mood, which was quite positive all through the day – no major swings for a change.

SONG OF THE DAY: We were so task-oriented that nothing meaningful came to mind, and I will leave this field blank for today … any suggestions?

IMAGE OF THE DAY: This is how Pesto looked like immediately after we had transferred our provisions inside. It must have taken us at least three hours to sort everything out and put each item on its right place