“T” minus Four

DATE: March 11th, 2016, 2200 Local Time/ 0000 EST / 0200 BRZ

LOCATION: Barra de Navidad, MX (19:12N 104:41W)

CONDITIONS: Sunny, and temperatures are on the rise.

WEATHER OUTLOOK: this subject is bound to be a source of anxiety all through this passage. The El Nino effect is still well underway, causing the normally steady trade winds to become variable and lighter. As we watch forecast after forecast, all we see are large patches of very light wind across vast areas of ocean. It’ll probably be a long passage ….

HIGHLIGHTS: Today was dedicated to “heavy stowing”. The dinghy came on deck and was lashed down, our liferaft was placed atop the cabin on its launch position (and will remain there all the way!), and a few more big items were moved around. It was then time to stow stuff inside. Bunk covers were opened, cabin soles as well, and for a while our home became a chaos. But a few hours later it was much tidier than in the beginning. Pesto is now ready to start receiving the provisions we will buy for the passage, and also for a few months of cruising in the remote areas of French Polynesia. Tomorrow Adriana starts buying stuff. It will be a long day for her.

MOOD ONBOARD Anxiety is building up both with Adriana and myself, and some times it gets on the way. Our days have been having ups and downs as a consequence. We had a chat about this over dinner tonight and have decided to “let it be”, acknowledging we are both facing a major milestone, and this does play our nerves a bit.

SONG OF THE DAY: “Bad Romance”, Lady Gaga – I don’t know much about this song, but Raquel has been humming it all day long, and finally convinced Adriana to play it with her on the keyboard


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  1. As we read your blogs on prep to leave we recognize how hard you are all working. Remember to breathe as well. We will be on our way back to Barra tomorrow. Maybe we will pass hulls as you leave. We will keep watching. Hugs.

  2. We are on this struggle to meet this deadline we set ourselves, but have to constantly remember that the deadline is for readiness ONLY, not departure. But the weather is helping, in a sense, for there wont be favorable winds in the middle of the week, it seems. That shall give us a few days to breathe and get well-centered before jumping.
    If you reach here during next week, please stop by, please, please, please. Maybe another pizza at Loco-Loco ????

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