It’s a GO !

It’s been a hectic last few days, but we finally readied everything late last night, a great weather window has openned up, and so we left.

Ironically, despite having stayed in San Carlos for over 5 months, we had little time to prepare for the departure (long story, doesn’t pertain to this post).

Moreover, there’s been the innevitable unnexected. A broken spinnaker pole car, the red generator which decided to throw one of its tantrums 12 hrs before our intended departure, and an inflatable lamp which fell on the water at the latest hour of the night, requiring us to deploy the dinghy, which was all tied up, for the salvage mission.

But Adriana and I worked double shift and tackled everything. All laundry is done, the fridge is loaded, the tanks are full, so are the propane bottles. All lines are passed, the sails ready to be unfurled, the bottom was cleaned yesterday. Even the generator purred smoothly again (knock on wood). Last night we crashed on bed, waking up today with the usual anxiety which is typical of all passages.

At least this time we are leaving at daylight: 10am local time (1pm EST, 3pm SP), to take the best out of the tide.

It shall take us around 4 days to get to La Cruz, if we manage to go non-stop, as planned. There will be brisk winds (15 to 25knots) and lumpy seas during the first two days. But at least it will be all coming from behind. Then, the wind is forecast to die and the seas abate, and we shall have to burn some fuel to cover the second half of the trip.


I have programmed the blog to receive and publish posts via our satphone. But I am a bit skeptical about these things, and can’t promise the posts will be published. We will also try to publish our position daily at our Location Map (again, subject to operator’s errors and technology’s mood).

All is well, Pesto is in great shape, the kids are excited to be out sailing again, and Adriana and I are, well, tired, anxious, but happy. Very happy to be out here again.

Have a great second half of the week!