And so it begins

The first step in our preparations to cross the Eastern Pacific Ocean en route to French Polynesia will be to move Pesto from San Carlos, where we currently are, to La Cruz – both on Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

It’s a 550 Mile passage, which we hope to cover in just under 5 days. Read on to see how you can follow our progress.


La Cruz is one of the main ports from where yachts leave the America’s West Coast en route to the Pacific Isles. Every year, yachts intended to make this crossing, aptly named “The Puddle Jump”, congregate in La Cruz to prepare for the passage and wait for the proper weather window. This year Pesto will join this group, being part of the fleet of Puddle Jumpers. Hence, our sailing from San Carlos to La Cruz now.

The passage from San Carlos to la Cruz is relatively straight forward. Normally the winds are fair at this time of the year (that means, they blow from a favorable direction relative to the route), there aren’t any complex capes to cross, and the hurricane season is over, so it seems. Having said so, 550 miles is always a respectable passage. Moreover a series of cold fronts has been affecting the wind patterns, and apparently we will not have favorable winds all the way through. Finally, and not minor, we’ve been docked for over 5 months and our sea legs are nearly non-existent by now.

Anyway, we will try to report our progress along the way in two different forms:

1.) On the blog: conditions and technology permitting, I hope to be able to post quick updates right here, on You can check in here every once in a while or, better yet. activate the super convenient, free automatic updates via email.

2.) On our Dynamic Location Map: likewise, if all works, I shall be able to post our positions on our dynamic map. You can check it out at the specific page on our blog, or directly at … just type in PESTO on the field “Boat Name” (you may need to register to Farkwar to get full access to our posts there)


Later today we will update the blog with our approximate date and time of departure.

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  1. Can’t wait to see you all. Sitting in Mazatlan at the moment. Expect to be here 2 days then off to La Cruz and rendezvous with you guys.

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