Last Trip to Hermosillo

Hermosillo looked different today, decorated for the celebrations of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe.
Being a landlocked city, over 200 km away from where we are, it amuses me how familiar we got to this place.


Hermosillo wasn’t originally part of our itinerary. The first time I went there, in July, it was to collect a cheap rental car. Little did I know then that I would be coming back over and over.

The thing is, Hermosillo is a bustling mid-sized city, equipped with good infrastructure. And with such, it ended up being a reference to us.

It was from Hermosillo’s airport that we departed for a number of trips. It was from there also that we rented the car that we used for our beautiful Road Trip to the US’ SW Parks. I even had a small surgery done at a hospital in Hermosillo.

Like this, we ended up going at least 15 times to Hermosillo since arriving to San Carlos nearly 6 months ago.

And while we covered the 200 km that separate Hermosillo and San Carlos through the scenic stretch of dry land, a lot has gone on.

During this time we saw this place transform into a furnace, with temperatures peaking 50 C / 120 F. And then, almost in a fortnight, temperatures fell, the sea water cooled down, and our long-sleeved clothes came out of the cabinets again.

During this time, we saw the land and sea be lambasted by the violent Chubascos – local storm systems spawned by the exceedingly hot sea water.

We ground our teeth monitoring weather sources and hoping for the never-ending Tropical Storms to NOT turn this way.

During this time, we did a number of maintenance and improvement projects to Pesto.

We saw friends come, spent great time with them, and then we saw them go.

We shopped for groceries, hunt for hard-to-find boat parts, watched many movies at the local theater. It almost felt like home.

But when I left Hermosillo today, and watched the desert pass by the bus’ windows, I knew it was likely to be the last time.

The time has come to untie the dock lines again.

Soon our journey will take new textures, colors, flavors and sounds.

It’s time to go.