We have just given a facelift to our site !

And it is not just about the looks.

Check it out:

For some time we have pondered between keeping the site’s previous clean style, which emphasized Post Readability, or switching to a format that enabled easier Navigation. With the gradual increase in the number of posts (now nearing 200!), we felt it was about time to switch to the latter.

So, enter the new format to our page which not only looks cool (to us at least), but enhances navigability through our content. And it is not just about the looks. We’ve also categorized our posts into five types*.

The Home Page is where everything can be found, and clicked to. At the upper portion of this page, you will find a link to “All Posts“, which is where every single post is placed in chronological order. The next link takes you to a page where you can look for posts by date, by category, or simply by keyword. Next, the dynamic banners – which we think are pretty cool – will direct you to our posts by category. So, if you click on the picture of the Our Anchorages banner, you will be directed to a page which contains all our posts from the same category.

FGS Home Top


Scrolling down the page comes the next section, with links to 6 important areas of our site. Here you will be able to see a page about Us, another one with details and picture of our beloved Pesto, another with a high-level description of our Journey since departure (with links to each post written along the way). It’s here also that you will find the link to the Location Map feature. Finally, we’ve added two new pages: one with links to other boat’s blogs and sites which we like and use regularly (this is still work in progress), and another with description on how to Follow Us.

FGS Home Middle


Speaking of this, we still believe the best way to follow us is by receiving automatic notifications by email every time we publish a new post. It’s free, super convenient, and ensures you will never miss any of our posts. At the bottom of every Page (except the Home) or Post you will find the field to sign up for this great (free) service.

FGS Subscriptions


Finally, at the bottom of our home page you will find the latest post published by us.

FGS Home Bottom


So, here you have it … Familygonesailing’s new face. It is still a little rough on the edges, but overall we are pretty happy with the result. We hope you like it too. And do let us know in case you find any glitches, or have any suggestions regarding navigability along the site.


THANK YOU for following us on this Journey !!!


(*) Categories: every post – old and new – will now fall under one of these five categories:

Our Anchorages: posts about the places we’ve been to

Underway: posts written during passages

The Cruising Life: posts describing aspects of it. Some are trivial, others go in more details.

Sidetracks: posts about our field trips.

Musings and Rants: this is kind of our “everything else” category. We’ve included in here the posts we (Alex) write about the Weather, Boatprojects, general (cheap) Philosophy, and other themes that we couldn’t fit anywhere else.

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  1. Ficou muito bom, gostei bastante da sessão “Onde estamos” dá para ter uma boa ideia do percurso feito até agora e também procurar por cada etapa, caso por algum motivo não pudemos ter lido os relatos daquele trecho. Bons ventos os levem e nos tragam vocês de volta! Parabéns e beijos á todos vocês com muito carinho, Guida

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