Side 2 (Lado B)

Back when life wasn’t digital yet, Music used to be distributed via large vinyl discs – the so, called Long Plays – or Cassette Tapes.

Whichever the case, both had two sides, and Side 1 was often reserved for an album’s most popular songs, or the ones deemed with greater potential, with the remaining ones being relegated to Side 2.

Guess where this is going …

Since its debut, Familygonesailing published over 180 posts. Naturally some have been read more than others.

Rather than just Popularity, the number of clicks to a post is largely influenced as to wether the post reached our reader’s Facebook Newsfeed at the right place and at the right time (more to this on another conversation).

With this, came the idea of today’s story: The list of Familigonesailing’s least read posts. Everyone loves lists, after all.

So, without further ado, I give you Familygonesailing’s Top 5 Least-Read Posts (our “Side 2”, if you will):


#5.) “ARE WE READY YET?”: I wrote this post in San Diego, at the end of a long stay there. Most items of our to-do list had been ticked off, provisioning seemed to never end, and it felt like our feet were starting to root in the ground. The text reflects this growing anxiety.


#4.) “A WHOLE LOT OF HIKING”: an account of a 5-hour hike to the top of an extinct volcano at the beautiful Isla Coronados, on the Sea of Cortez. It has been the most challenging hike we have done as of yet (likely to remain so for a long time). Includes some beautiful pictures of the Baja Peninsula from up the mountain.


#3.) “THE PERFECT BEACH”: Puerto Balandra is a picture-perfect bay, just a few miles away from La Paz, on the lower third of the Baja California peninsula. We considered staying there for some days, but a vicious wind that blows during the night changed our plans, and we headed to La Paz early next morning.


#2.) “CHILLING OUT IN SAN JOSE DEL CABO”: This was our first stop in Baja California and the text reflects our joy of having arrived to our first main cruising destination after a long, cold descent of the US West Coast during Fall and Winter.


And finally, least AND last, at the very top of our Least-Read list:

#1.) “BAJA PASSAGE UPDATE”: Just after sailing across the US-MX border and fulfilling formalities in Ensenada, MX, we leapt for a long passage toward the southern tip of Baja California. A 740-mile passage which we completed in 5 days. Follows the links to each of the daily accounts (yeah, I know, I cheated. The list is in fact 10 posts, not just 5):

Day One: Stop & Go

Day Two: Sometimes it Sucks

Day Three: Down the Food Chain and Back in the Groove

Day Four: That’s What it’s all About

Day Five: Land Ho !


So, there you have it. The list of our least-read posts. C’mon, let’s give these guys some love … er … clicks 🙂