The Rogue Driving and Mulege’

Mulege’ is a small fishing town at the west side of the entrance to Bahia Concepcion. We all wanted to visit it. Besides, the prospect of some air conditioning and wifi were a proposition hard to let go.

<This the fourth in a series of posts covering the 10 days-or-so we spent cruising the beautiful Bahia Concepcion in Baja California. Click here to access the first post in the series, and here to access the previous post>

The ladies got the contact of a taxi driver, and arranged for him to pick us up at Playa Coyote one day. Of the four hours or so we spent in Mulege’, one was spent strolling its colorful and authentic streets, and the other three we stayed inside a restaurant rejoicing the strong air conditioning and the flimsy wifi.

A long wait for the taxi driver under the blazing Baja sun on the highway
Paulo and Adriana checking one of the typical stores in Mulege’
Street cross in Mulege’
Another quaint gift shop
Pause for a (delicious) ice cream
Adriana, Paulo, Raquel and Savannah looking for fallen mangoes from this tree (Mexican mangoes are among the sweetest we know!)
The highlight of the day – good food, time spent among friends, air conditioning and some WiFi


But what turned this visit into and Experience were the transfers in and out. To start with, we waited for our driver for a good hour by the side of the blazing highway. Then, after accepting his sincere apologies and boarding the partially derelict van, we discovered he was a driver of the stunt variety, driving at alarming speeds along the sinuous highway. Thankfully the view of Bahia Concepcion’s shoreline features was a soothing distraction, and we were all happy to arrive to town.

On the way back, the van lived up to its appearance and broke in the middle of the highway. To complement the plot, the sun was down, there was no cell phone signal, and the heat was nearly unbearable. On the positive side, the driver took ownership of the situation, and walked a long way until his cell phone acquired some signal and he was able to call for help. Of course for the time he was away we just sit there and hoped the area was not populated by coyotes or rogue drivers.

The van broke, and we were stranded along the highway, just after sunset
The van broke, and we were stranded along the highway, just after sunset
Very few cars passing by, no cell phone signal. It was getting dark, and the mosquitoes were eating us alive
Everyone took the experience in good spirits though
This large cactus stood us some company

At the end all was well … the driver’s brother came to the rescue and the experience turned quickly from sour to sweet as he drove us to Playa Coyote on the open back of his truck (and at a much more amenable speed).

A good ending to this tale

Riding on the open back of the driver's brother's truck was an unexpected surprise
Riding on the open back of the driver’s brother’s truck was an unexpected surprise



The next day, s/v Sarita left for their crossing of the Sea of Cortez, and soon afterwards s/v Pesto and s/v Coastal Drifter headed further into Bahia Concepcion, arriving at Isla Requeson. Watch out for the upcoming post.