Crickets, Dolphins and the Sunset

Santo Domingo is a wide open beach located at the entrance of Bahia Concepcion, and was supposed to be just a technical stop for us after the 30-something miles passage from San Nicolas. It wasn’t.

<This the second in a series of posts covering the 10 days-or-so we spent cruising the beautiful Bahia Concepcion in Baja California. Click here to access the first post>

We arrived to Santo Domingo in the early afternoon after an uneventful, windless passage from San Nicolas:



Right upon arrival, we found 2 stowaways onboard:



Here’s a closer look:



We anchored on 25ft (~8mt) of water over a white sandy bottom, and the water was extremely clear. In fact, it was the first time we could see the anchor at the bottom from Pesto’s bow. We spent most of our time there in the water:



Adriana also took the opportunity to practice her tunes:



It was to the rhythm of her guitar that we witnessed the most beautiful sunset we’ve had here in Baja so far (a mark hard to achieve, given the plethora of amazing sunsets we’ve had here day after day):




The next day, just after raising anchor, a group of bottleneck dolphins came to make us some company. We were particularly happy because it had been a long time since dolphins last swam ahead of Pesto’s bow. And these guys did, for a good 10 minutes or so. We stayed with them all of the time. The largest one swam in front of the pack, watching us. From the bow, we could here their sounds under the water:




And like that, we completed our short but memorable stay at Playa Santo Domingo. Our next destination was Playa Coyote, where s/v Pesto and s/v Coastal Drifter were supposed to meet with s/v Sarita again. Watch out for the upcoming post.