Cruising Bahia Concepcion

<This the first in a series of posts covering the 10 days-or-so we spent cruising the beautiful Bahia Concepcion in Baja California. Click here to access the next post>

Bahia Concepcion is indented in the Baja California Peninsula. Large, well protected from the Sea of Cortez’ swell, and full with a number of inviting beaches, this is a prime cruising ground which we chose for the epilogue of our Southern Baja California cruise.

Bahia Concepcion


We started cruising the Baja California peninsula last April, when we reached San Jose del Cabo at its southern tip. Since then, we have been gradually coming up North, and are now close to having reached the state border that divides the Baja Californa peninsula between its S and N parts.

At roughly 25 miles x 5 miles, and well protected from everything except North swell (which shall not start until later in the summer season anyway), Bahia Concepcion promised to be a great place to culminate this portion of our journey.

Lined with steep, layered sedimentary mountains on the East side and round-shaped lava-covered hills on the West, the bay is a beautiful setting.

It counts with at least 3 prime cruising areas – Santo Domingo at its entrance, Bahia Coyote and its 5 beautiful beaches in the middle, and Isla Requeson further inside the bay.

We spent over 10 days inside this bay cruising in company of our friends s/v Coastal Drifter and s/v Sarita, and will be posting updates from each of these stops over the upcoming days.

Stay tuned.