The Dancing Island

Isla Danzante, or Dancing Island, is located just a couple of miles from the entrance to Puerto Escondido. It is a picturesque place, which we visited with our dinghy on a perfect sunny day for spectacular vistas of the surroundings. Check it out.

<This the second in a series of posts I am publishing about the three weeks we spent at Puerto Escondido, Baja California. Click here to access the first post>

We joined the crew of m/v Adagio and crossed the 2-mile channel between Puerto Escondido and Isla Danzante with our dinghies:



Kevin (Adagio) and Paulo came with me, while Raquel joined the rest of the Adagio family on their dinghy (they have a stronger outboard):



Some people say that whenever two boats are going to the same place at the same time, this is a race. While I am not sure we were exactly racing, we did go FAST, despite the sloppy seas:

Photo courtesy of Adagio
Photo courtesy of Adagio


Our destination was Honeymoon Cove – a scenic bay with a number of small beaches, one more beautiful than the other:



We anchored our dinghies and went straight on a hike up the surrounding hills:



On the way up, we stopped to check out a ravine in the rocks. That thing was steep:



With a beautiful vista beyond it:



Behind us, the dramatic backdrop of the Sierra de la Giganta:



A quick stop to re hydrate:



This is a dry place, you know:



Up at the top of the hill, the view of the beach down there:



And the northern tip of Isla Danzante, with the Sierra de la Giganta on the background:



It was not just us having fun out there. These kayakers seemed to be having a good time as well:



It was great to join the family of m/v Adagio for this experience. One of those days that make cruising so meaningful.

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