Beloved Tom,

Impossible not to acknowledge you in our blog, as you have been part of our family and journey for the last 14 years.

Your were a birthday gift of mine to Alex. You put end to our dispute of whether we should have a dog or a cat (We used to say you were both of them. Indeed you were much more than any of them).

You were our first baby. And then you received our babies Paulo and Raquel at home and became their first pet. You moved and lived with us in Brazil, Singapore, India, Mexico and the USA. Adapting to each circumstance with us.


But above all you were Tom – playful, friendly, wise, extremely charming and easy going with everyone. And sometimes moody. No compliments here would honor your personality. Always amongst us. Always willing to play. Always knowing who was in need of your company.


It was extremely hard for us to say first goodbye to you when we moved to Pesto and we realized it would be too much change and stress to you at that point. It only made easier to know you were in such good care and love with Zeze and Dani.

It is even harder now to say goodbye to you this time from this world.

You will always hold a special place in our hearts.

To the most charming honey eyes ever,

Our love

Raquel, Paulo, Adriana & Alex.


2 Replies to “Tomzinho”

  1. You are right Adri, Tom was very special. It was very easy to fall in love. Besides everything it was nice, allowing care with ease. I like the idea of ​​thinking that now he is a little star.
    I always told Daniel that the animals that died became stars for which we could look at and think about them. When my mother died he asked me if now she was a starlet and I realized that it was a good idea for me too.
    Now, no matter who, why or how, whenever I look at the starry sky that make me remember the missing ones and I have the sensation that they are there looking at me too.

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