A week to remember

<This is the first in a series of four posts covering our passage between La Paz and Puerto Escondido in Baja California. Click here for the next post on the series>

Last week our time machine was turned on again as we cruised the area between La Paz and Puerto Escondido.

We had a great time in picturesque locations.

I will be posting updates over the next days.

Follow us on this passage !

Between Monday, May 18th and Saturday, May 23rd we left La Paz en route to Puerto Escondido, some 120 nm away to the NW.

Week to Remember
Maps downloaded from Navionics


We harbor-hopped along the way with our buddy boat s/v Coast Drifter, stopping at Calleta Partida, Isla San Francisco and Puerto Los Gatos.

Even though it was “only” six days, it felt like an eternity, as we moved from one spectacular location to another. Each place had its colors, its flavors, and we enjoyed every bit of it.

I will be publishing a series of three posts about it over the next few days.

Stay Tuned.