Chilling out in San Jose del Cabo

The Sea of Cortez in Baja California, Mexico will be THE first grand cruising destination on our Journey. It took us almost a year to get here, culminating with a 5-day non-stop passage from Ensenada.

San Jose del Cabo is sort of the entry gate for the Sea of Cortez – that’s where we stayed for just over a week. Resting, fixing a few things up, buddy-boating, and savoring the new flavors, sounds and imagery which will be part of our cruise for most of this year.

We stayed at the beautiful Puerto Los Cabos marina …



… and hoped for the many deities there to bless Pesto and her Crew for the upcoming months of this Journey:



We were pooped up, but looked at the cup half full and took it as a spell of good luck (…)



Since we were constantly on cleaning mode, we cleaned inside as well:



But it was outside that the fun was – just a few steps away from Pesto, the Marina’s grounds were beautiful to walk …



… Relax …



… and enjoy beautiful Sunsets:



The kids, of course, found all this a bit too “for-grown-ups”. So, Raquel got close encounters with a Camel:



And Paulo with a Dolphin:



Then we looked forward to the arrival of our dear buddy-boat s/v Coastal Drifter:



With them, we checked out the little pueblo adjacent to the marina, eating at the appropriately-named “El Marinero Borracho” (“Drunken Sailor”) …



The next day, we explored the pretty town of San Jose del Cabo …



… where the girls stopped at EVERY handicraft shop which was open …



… much to Paulo’s boredom and desperation:



Adriana quickly found a way to compensate him, tough (the boy is crazy for chocolate ice cream):



Of course, the girls got their share as well:




We then proceed to one of the city’s many pretty restaurants, where the kids – while posing for a group photo – provided an Epic-Fail opportunity. It’s a pity the camera was not on movie-recording mode !



A bit more of strolling around town:



And we were back at the Marina, where the crew from Coast Drifter kindly invited us to join in the celebrations of the lovely Savannah’s birthday:





To us, it was great time with dear friends, and the conclusion of a great beginning of this new phase of our cruising life.

That night, we went to bed for the last time in the tranquil waters of the Puerto Los Cabos marina, for we left the next morning to Los Frailes – the first anchorage up north in the Sea of Cortez.



But this is already the subject of another post. Stay tuned !